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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - LilyKing

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

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Beautiful organic Ylang Ylang essential oil by Savon Stories

Ylang Ylang (pronounced e-lang) translated means "flower of flowers" in Filipino and this Ylang Ylang essential oil from Savon Stories promises to enrich, entice and calm. Traditionally, Ylang Ylang is distilled in several stages and its quality reduces with each distillation cycle. However, this "extra" grade essential oil from Savon Stories is captured during the first stage of distillation, promising the highest quality.

Ylang Ylang's advantages are endless, but we're opting for this essential oil for the following reasons:

Harmonises mood | reduces heart rate & blood pressure, inducing both a feeling of calm & relaxation with deep emotional self-awareness.

Shock relief | slows reaction time & objective awareness to induce a deep sense of calm passivity; ideal for sudden shock, trauma & rapid breathing.

Revitalises skin | massaging warms skin, stimulating blood circulation which can revitalize skin cells for a more youthful complexion (poor circulation causes uneven and blotchy skin).

Aphrodisiac | its seductive, intoxicating and heady notes inspired the flower's traditional use as an aphrodisiac in the Far East, strewn on the beds of Indonesian newlyweds.

Cultivated in Madagascar

Organic . Vegan. Palm-Free. Handmade

Bottled in London • 10ml / 0.34 fl. oz