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Anna Del Conte on Pasta - Hardback - LilyKing

Anna Del Conte on Pasta - Hardback

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A beautiful hardback cookbook by Anna Del Conte.

Nigella Lawson described Anna Del Conte’s book Portrait of Pasta as ‘The book that actually changed the way the English thought about Italian cooking… and the instrumental force in leading us from the land of spag bol, macaroni cheese and tinned ravioli’. Now Anna Del Conte has fully updated and revised that book, introducing many new recipes, to create Anna Del Conte On Pasta.

This is a delicious collection of 120 recipes, many of which can be cooked within minutes. The book starts with a fascinating historical account of pasta, then guides you through how to cook pasta, and explores the different types of pasta. The recipes, which come from every region of Italy, are divided into easy to navigate chapters on meat, dairy, vegetables, soups, stuffed and baked pastas.

This is a classic Italian cookbook, and will quickly prove essential in your kitchen.