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Lavender Bath Salts - LilyKing

Lavender Bath Salts

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Bath salts by Ortigia

A modern revival of an ancient tradition. Just a handful of salts dissolved in the bath, makes the water incredibly soft and infused with the 
peppery Lavender essence. Ideal for soothing tender skin and tired limbs. 

Distilled from organic Lavandula Officinalis and Lavanda Vera, the true Lavender essence. Strong yet elegant and authentic. 

These bath salts comes in a beautifully ornate box in Deep Purple with Silver and Gold embossing and featuring the signature emblem of Leopards & Palms of Ortigia.

100% Sicilian sea salt with natural perfume.


Natural perfume and natural ingredients

Paraben-free; not tested on animals

Made in Italy