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Rhassoul Clay Detox Mask - LilyKing

Rhassoul Clay Detox Mask

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A revitalising clay mud treatment by Savon Stories in a traditional glass jar

Rhassoul is a highly absorbent volcanic clay found on the lake beds of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Unique for having higher micronutrients than most other clays, it's exceptional:

to detoxify | mops up toxins, dirt & excess oil from skin; perfect to unblockpores, stubborn blackheads, aid eczema & hypersensitive skin.

for a smooth appearance | high concentration of silica gives your skin's texture a smoother appearance and magnesium energises skin for a soft, natural glow (especially on days when skin looks sallow from poor sleep).

as a hair conditioner | strengthens roots and absorbs impurities that clog hair follicles, which frees up room for new hair to grow faster; results in vibrant and voluminous hair in the long term.

100% Natural

Handmade in England