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Rhassoul Clay Shampoo Bar - Limp / Oily Hair

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A nourishing & detoxifying clay mineral bar with Argan oil, Lavender & Rose Geranium by Savon Stories

Our classic moisturising soap recipe, enriched with argan oil & rhassoul clay to detox, de-grease and nourish skin & scalp. Rhassoul clay mud has been used by Moroccan women for over a millenia as a powerful skin and hair remedy, attested by the word's Arabic origin: 'rassala', meaning 'to wash'. Our clay is mined in a remote, desert region of Morocco, near the Atlas Mountains, where the only known natural deposit of the clay is to be found.

The lavender and rose geranium blend add their scalp-nourishing and refreshing virtues to the mix for a fresh and delightful wash.

100% Organic Cold-Processed Soap

Highly Moisturising




Handmade in England • 90g approx.