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Sicilian Lemon Marshmallows - LilyKing

Sicilian Lemon Marshmallows

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A beautiful box of gourmet marshmallows by Grown Up Marshmallows

This beautiful box of Sicilian Lemon gourmet marshmallows from Grown Up Marshmallows use the refreshing zest and juice from Sicilian lemons, making them irresistibly light. Traditional, handmade and naturally flavoured, Grown Up Marshmallows are proud to only use natural ingredients and produce their products in small batches on Exmoor National Park.

What's more is that they package their delicious marshmallows in 100% recyclable, biodegradable and fully compostable materials, making them environmentally friendly too.

Gluten and Fat Free

Contains Gelatin - not suitable for Vegetarians / Vegans