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The Bee Bar

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Are you looking for an introduction to gardening? Or searching for that special gift idea for a gardener? Look no further than Grow Bar

Grow beautiful bee friendly blooms to create a buzz in your garden with these environmentally friendly and plastic free curated seed kits. Aside from making a lovely gift for the green fingered, they are also a fun family project and are a great way to start teaching the kid's about the garden and different kinds of plants / flowers!

This collection is focused on flowers that bee's are attracted to and contains Hyssop, Verbena Bonariensis and  sweet smelling Lavender.

How does it work:

- Unwrap your grow bar and place it in a container with plenty of space to expand. 

- Gently pour half a litre of water into the tray and place on a sunny, bright windowsill indoor.

- Water regularly and watch your seedlings grow over the next couple of weeks!

- When the seedlings have four leaves, they're ready to be potted on or planted out.