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The Bompas & Parr Cocktail Book - LilyKing

The Bompas & Parr Cocktail Book

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A beautiful hardback book by Bompas & Parr.

Already responsible for giving jelly a 21st-century makeover, Sam and Harry focus their attention on the perennially popular cocktail, the most sophisticated form of drink. But of course with an extra special twist. Bompas & Parr take us on a rollercoaster journey through the wonderful world of sours, martinis, old-fashioneds, punches and highballs. Classics, new interpretations of old favourites and crazy concoctions are all to be expected, but they also provide advice on the all-important presentation, the ingredients and getting the ice just right.

 Veterans of successful alcoholic adventures such as Alcoholic Architecture (a walk in cloud of breathable G&T) and the Architectural Punchbowl (a Robert Adam building flooded with 4 tonnes of Courvoisier Punch enough for 25,000 people!), Bompas & Parr are perfectly placed to ensure you create a range of extraordinary cocktail drinks to remember.

Bompas & Parr’s paramount aim is to demystify cocktails and produce an easy to use functional cocktail book for the home – all you need to do is master a few techniques, assemble a few ingredients and away you go; but as to be expected from them, the recipes walk a fine line balancing their signature, attention-grabbing but considered approach, while offering some predictably unpredictable options.